Earl Large is a man who has experienced it all. Born in Toronto, Canada, he moved to Vancouver Island with his parents and three brothers in the 1940s. When asked about life, Large shared that he has enjoyed an adventurous life full of highs and lows, openly welcoming and dealing with risks. The spectrum of emotions – joy, grief, pain, loss, regret that he has felt throughout his journey of life are reflected in his book “Living Large” as he teaches you how to overcome every obstacle to experience life at its fullest.

However, Earl is much more than his stories and life-lessons. A world-traveler, collector of books, art and erotica, he likes to enjoy all the finer things in life. His exotic words and vibrant art reflect his full-of-life spirit in his book.

Large began journaling a long time ago. He would record his thoughts and ideas, sketching out his goals while keeping track of his physical, emotional, spiritual and financial health. Living Large is an accumulation of many years, penned down with heart and soul.

Through his book, Earl manages to enchant the readers with a magical romance of verses and art that exhibit a labyrinth of sentiments meant to pull you within and then push you forward to Live large!

Earl Large is a magician of words,
Ordinary yet extraordinary,
An enthusiast,
Yet Human,
Just Like You!

Explore the

Like life itself,

you will find in the journey through this collection,

Why Read It

Living Large is the magical romance of art and words defining the true essence of life.

“It’s not a self-help book, it’s not an art book and it’s not a poetry book … It’s a book of experience, of learning to live in one world. We all have things in life that are very difficult to overcome, there’s addiction, there’s heartbreak, there’s separations, there’s a gambit of emotions.” This book is your one stop guide to living large!