Living Large


Earl Large’s book is more than a collection of poetry, it’s a glimpse into the process of working toward wisdom through the poetic process. Brought to life with incredible art from around the world, his poems represent a lifetime of defining moments – joys and frustrations – crystallized in verse that is chock full of vivid images and emotions. Framed as a guide for achieving happiness, Earl shares his journey as he has lived his life: with gratitude, candor, and no regret.

—Victoria Surtees, PhD., Teaching and Learning Specialist,
Internationalization, University of the Fraser Valley, Canada

This is a book not to be rushed. Nor is it meant to be taken lightly. This is a book about one’s day, one’s life, one’s world. A book about thoughts and feelings not of a single human soul but of all of us. The words from Mr. Large demand our time, our consideration, our contemplation. Herein are questions for each of us that we must ask and ultimately answer if we are ever to become more than what we are. The task presented here is not an easy one but ultimately it can be supremely rewarding. Do not rush through this book. Do not take this book lightly.

— Wally Bornmann, Musician, Storyteller,
Author of Morning Musings – USA

In my opinion, this book is a piece of complete art. The mixture of paints and letters makes the trip wonderful. With each page, the author transports us through a labyrinth of varied feelings, which are: sadness, joy, fear, and nostalgia; that is why this work is a photograph of the impressions of humanity. You can see the great care that was taken to choose the creative images that accompany the literary texts because they combine perfectly with each other.

— Gilda Garcia Romero, Author and Co-founder,
Nautas de Letras – Mexico

Living Large by Earl Large is creative and colorful work because of collaborating lines and pictures to execute more the essence of Art. It emphasizes that art is a big part of our world. The sequence of story in every poem captured by your eyes and heart is remarkable. This book is a big wow to me because of the creative mind circulating and exploring words it has. It is not just a “poem”, but it is a poem you can’t ever neglect to read. Every line has deep meaning, every phrase beats your heart to imagine, every stanza touches your soul, and every title blows your mind.

— Je-Anne Joy Vibora,
Author – Philippines

On the bright and colorful pages of the book, the author revealed his soul in verse and added visuals to it. These are unique combinations of paintings from different authors that complement the poems of Earl. Each picture in its own way complements the poetry collected in this book.

Earl Large was very sensitive to the selection of works where the visual range complements what was written. The author has done a painstaking job collecting the best works of artists from different parts of the world. Talented people from the USA, Serbia, Nigeria, Hungary, and many other countries supplemented with their paintings the poetry of Earl, which he wrote over the years.

“Have you ever been moved to write poetry? Sometimes emotions are best described through verses that allow each reader to interpret in a way that is meaningful to them.” With these words, Earl begins the introduction of his book.

Well, I have not had to write poetry myself, but I am delighted with what I read in this book. The few days that I spent reading the book left a pleasant aftertaste that still does not leave me. I highly recommend this book to all those who love art as much as I do.

— Olena Myroniuk, Ph.D., Historian, Scholar, Art Manager, Lecturer, Curator, Entrepreneur,
President of the Ukrainian Department in International Action Art – Ukraine