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Life Itself!

by: Earl Large
Living Large

The coffee table book
that will change Your Life!

Section 01


The journey of life is full of challenges at every step. Find comfort in Earl’s poetry as the words tickle inspiration within you, and guide you on how to deal with those challenges.

Section 02


To deal with challenges requires a person to be courageous. With this section’s selection of poems, you’ll see how a person becomes tougher, more savvy and maybe even a bit jaded!

Section 03


Faith is the element that helps you move forward with confidence. In this section you will see how your faith will push you to accomplish the unimaginable.

Section 04

Death, Loss, Healing

Even the strongest faith trembles at losing a beloved one. Find your way to healing through the soothing poetry in this section. Discover how you can keep the spirit of your loved one alive.

There’s more! The ten sections in this book are your
opening, towards the larger perspective of life!

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Follow life’s journey through this collection.

Why Read It

Living Large is the magical romance of art and words defining the true essence of life.

“It’s not a self-help book, it’s not an art book and it’s not a poetry book … It’s a book of experience, of  learning to live in the world. We all have things in life that are very difficult to overcome, addiction, heartbreak, separations, there’s a gambit of emotions.” This book is your one stop guide to living large!

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